A Level Accounting
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Company : Spires

Job Location : Oxford, England, gb

Posted on : 2021-02-24

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Spires is looking for self-motivated and professional educators from all background to tutor A Level students.
Spires only recruits the best professional online tutors, and are keen to have applications from experienced teachers, tutors and lecturers.
Spires is an online tutoring platform which connects students with tutors across the world, and facilitates the online tutoring process.
It streamlines the private tutoring process for both parties, eliminating paperwork and administration, as well as the need to travel.
Tutors at Spires are given a lot of responsibility and treated as professionals.
Tutors set their own rates and hours, they are fully responsible for what they teach and how they teach it.
Payments are made every week.
This is why we only recruit professional tutors or educators who have a great deal of experience in education.
Key factors that define a top tutor:Technology friendly – you must be able to use technology easily, we can provide assistance in making the transition online.
Online tutoring is primarily conducted through the use of screen sharing, document sharing, and online whiteboards.
You would need to be able to use any/all that are relevant to teaching your subjectTutorial focused – Tutors need to plan engaging tutorials which explore the problems a students has and why they are having them.
There are many different ways to conduct tutorials, and often each is planned with a specific task in mindIndependent – Tutors are self-employed and they are expected to operate independently as the Spires platform runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any input needed from the management.
They need to be able to keep in touch with students, reply to emails quickly and maintain a positive relationship with their studentsLong term – Tutors must be committed to the long term, e.
at least an academic year, we prefer tutors who show a commitment to the profession.
 Application process:Apply online through our website, it takes only 10 minutes! If we like your profile, we will invite you interview.
This is will consist of a short 10 minute online tutorial.
This entire process can be completed within 24 hours, so it is up to you to act fast!

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Spires is looking for self-motivated and professional educators from all background to tutor A Level students. ...

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